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EMW × Emiliana Organic Vineyards Launch Tasting
EMW × Emiliana Organic Vineyards Launch Tasting

EMW × Emiliana Launch Tasting




Shanghai, 6 March 2023 - East Meets West Fine Wines (EMW) × Emiliana Organic Vineyards Launch Tasting kicked off in Sui Tang Shang, The Middle House.



"EMW is a leading importer, distributor, and brand builder in the Greater China market, and Emiliana is the largest organic and biodynamic wine producer in the world," said Zoe Zhang, Brand Executive of Emiliana. "We share the same philosophy of sustainability and long-termism, so we establish the cooperation on the occasion of EMW's 20th anniversary. We are glad to boost a new organic trend."


Zoe Zhang, Brand Executive of Emiliana, EMW


Today, Emiliana's presence in Chile's main wine valleys has reached a total of 892 hectares. 100% of its properties are organically managed. In 2021, one million organic cases (9L/case) are sold to 60 countries, making it one of the Top 10 wine exporters of Chile.



Today, Emiliana's presence in Chile's main wine valleys has reached a total of 892 hectares. 100% of its properties are organically managed. In 2021, one million organic cases (9L/case) are sold to 60 countries, making it one of the Top 10 wine exporters of Chile.



Emiliana Gê


Gê is the strong expression of Emiliana's biodynamic agriculture. Its name comes from the Greek root Gê, which means Earth.



First wine certified biodynamic in Latin America

Demeter certification

A selection of the premium blocks from Los Robles, complex soils with the oldest vines (27–30 years)


Emiliana Coyam


Coyam means "oak forest" in Mapudungún. It evokes the majestic native trees that have surrounded our Los Robles vineyard in the Colchagua Valley for centuries.



100% organic and biodynamic certified

Single state wine from D.O Valle de Colchagua, Chile

Premium blend of European varieties with the Chilean sense of origin


Emiliana Novas


NOVAS is a family of Organic Gran Reserva wines that reflect innovation, quality, and the care taken in all of Emiliana vineyards.



100% certified organic, made with hand-picked grapes

Faithful representation of Chile's prestigious wine valleys

Aged in oak barrels



Zoe ZHANG    Brand Executive, Greater China


Juanita YU    Marketing Director, Greater China

Tel: +86 (21) 62824966


Shanghai Office Address: Unit 202, No.664 Xinhua Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Beyond 20: EMW 20th Anniversary Celebration
Beyond 20: EMW 20th Anniversary Celebration

Beyond 20: EMW 20th Anniversary Celebration


2023 marks the 20th anniversary of East Meets West Fine Wines (EMW). Since the establishment in 2003, EMW has been growing alongside the start-up, development, and now prosperity of China's wine market. EMW is in a way a microcosm of the industry over the past two decades.


To celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary, EMW will launch portfolio tasting events under the theme of Beyond 20 in 11 cities in 2023, introducing premium fine wines, crafted sakes, and latest new arrivals to more clients and consumers across China.



2003-2023: Journey from West to East


EMW was founded in 2003; Edouard Duval and his partner Gregory Bielot started the business in 2006. It was in 2001 that Edouard came to Shanghai for the first time to visit Gregory, who was an exchange student at Tongji University. In 2004, Edouard visited China again to finish his OIV Master of Science in Wine Management course. During this visit, it came to him that China was not just a charming country in the East, but rather with enormous business potential for imported wine. Hailing from the Duval-Leroy champagne family, Edouard recognized the opportunity with his keen mind and chose Shanghai as the springboard for his career.


Edouard Duval   Chairman of the Board, EMW

The market at that time was very different from what it is now, much smaller, less mature, the logistic for wines was a challenge and the market was dominated by couple of players trusting majority of the market. In terms of wines, it was mainly GCC from France or very entry level wines, most of the times imported in bulk and bottles in China.


2003 saw the rapid growth of the wine market in China, bringing about key opportunities for the start up. In 2006, Edouard moved to Shanghai to unveil the fine wine journey from the West to the East. Back then, imported wines were generally fresh foreign goods. The team had to face challenges concerning language, culture shock, and most importantly, a market that was completely different from that of Europe.


Edouard Duval   Chairman of the Board, EMW

Chinese market was difficulty to understand, but our professional background gave confidence for our suppliers and clients. At the beginning, I forced myself to speak a lot of Chinese with my team. I visited clients frequently. I made the first three-year plan, step by step. I hire the right people - and I always.



Considering its fair share of ups and downs in the past two decades, generally, the market remains vibrant today; it even weathered the financial crisis in 2008 and forged ahead. Keeping pace with the times, EMW is always committed to providing high-quality services through its remarkable team, ranging from wine selection, brand building, events, and wine education. This is how we stood out among other wine importers in China, and how we became a renowned company offering premium products and professional customer service in the industry.


Nowadays, China's wine market has become one of the major consumer markets around the globe. According to an OIV report in April 2017, the top five wine-consuming countries in the world in 2016 were the U.S., France, Italy, Germany, and China. Chinese consumers' demand for premium wines typified by Grand Cru Classe and renowned Burgundies has never dwindled. Many factors have facilitated the development and positive competition of the whole industry, including the promotion of wine education, the professionalization of sommeliers, and the completion of on-trade channel development. Therefore, the ever-increasing professionalism and influence of the market have attracted the attention of wineries from both the new and old worlds.


Edouard Duval, Chairman of the Board, EMW


Set off from Shanghai


In 2007 and before the Beijing Olympic Games, the Beijing F&B market was experiencing a vigorous growth with the dazzling launch of new fancy hotels and restaurants. However, Beijing was yet to be home to a large scale wine importer. Gregory perceived the opportunity, seizing it by setting up EMW's first branch in Beijing. Made up of less than six members from the outset, the team were new to another uncharted area totally distinct from the East China market.


Olivier Six   CEO, EMW

When I first joined our Beijing office in 2009, the wine market was so different back then, mainly dominated by red wines with a strong emphasis on Bordeaux wines. Being in charge of such a vast territory, North China, I quickly realized how big China was and how the wine market was sub-divided. After many trips to meet our partners and clients, I understood better each sub-market and its specifications.


Olivier Six, CEO, EMW


In 2010, EMW launched a branch in Shenzhen, which has one of the most developed F&B markets in China. EMW set up a warehouse for logistics to ease the delivery to clients in southern cities, and greatly boost its influence in southern wine markets.


Hugo Arango   South&West China General Manager, EMW

At EMW, one of our most important goals is to understand our clients' needs. Thanks to our dynamic and enthusiastic team, our dedicated service, and our strong portfolio, we can maintain and always develop a long-standing partnership with clients.


In 2012, the Hong Kong branch was set up, completing EMW's Greater China market. It was when EMW had developed a mature business system in Mainland of China, and many winery partners wished to enter the Hong Kong market together. A bold, however, smart decision.


Gregory Bielot   Managing Partner, EMW

It was a challenge to establish the Hong Kong office, as the market there was more mature, and very few companies from Mainland of China managed to succeed in this very competitive market. After 18 months, we started to become an important actor, working with top hotels and Michelin-stared restaurants.


Edouard Duval    Chairman of the Board, EMW

Gregory Bielot    Managing Partner, EMW


Jefferson Liu   HK&Macau General Manager, EMW

I think that drinkers in Hong Kong are continually getting more sophisticated and it’s great fun to be in such a dynamic city with unparalleled access to wine and a diverse range of wine lovers to enjoy bottles with. The possibilities of wine trends are endless, so EMW Hong Kong office will keep discovering and serving better and better wines to boost the market in the next decade.


In 2013, EMW came to Chengdu, a key city in South-West China. After years of stable development, EMW now has 7 branches, 15 offices and over 150 employees serving over 3,500 clients across the country. In 2019, EMW added a full range of premium crafted sake in the portfolio.


Today, EMW has partnered with over 110 wineries and sake breweries in 16 countries around the globe, including five Chinese wineries from Ningxia, Shandong and Xinjiang. Ever since the establishment, we have aimed to bring family-owned and premium wine estates from prominent wine regions to clients in China. A majority of the brands who started with us in 2003 remain our close partners until today thanks to our professionalism and quality work. By providing an excellent selection of fine wines, we cover almost all distribution channels, including nationwide hotel groups, Michelin-Stars restaurants, specialized shops, high-end retail chains, e-commerce platforms, corporate clients and private customers all over Greater China.


From left to right: Legacy Peak, Xige Estate, The Starting Point, Tiansai Vineyards, Mystic Island


Be it products or services, EMW has always insisted on premium quality in the past two decades, and we shall continue to do so.


Be Keen and Keep Forward


Dedicated to wine and sake education, EMW has been playing an active role in the market and making significant headway.


As early as 2009, EMW became one of the earliest approved program providers for WSET training by providing high-quality education and qualifications from Level 1 all through to Level 3. The senior educators offer professional training for international hotel groups. EMW has also aligned with Grapea & Co. and Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting for in-depth education programs.


Ryan Zhou   Project Manager, Grapea & Co.

“It is Grapea’s great pleasure to be a reliable partner of EMW. Looking back to the past, our partnership has lasted for more than a decade as EMW celebrates its 20th anniversary and starts a new milestone. As the partner of so many top wineries around the world, EMW provides world-class wines of premium quality to wine lovers in China. We look forward to a better collaboration in the future with more fine brands and bringing in more new categories.”


Fongyee Walker MW   Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting

“Best wishes to EMW for 20 years of consistent high-quality wine service with a portfolio representing some of the world best wineries. it is a pleasure to show the wines they represent to wine students at all levels from across China.”



In 2019, EMW set up the e-commerce department. As the Chinese market has gone through vigorous development as well as rapid revolutions in recent years, leading companies in the industry are facing respective challenges. Therefore, EMW sought innovations by integrating e-commerce businesses, leading to an sales increase and a more direct communication with consumers.


Liz Li   E-commerce&Digital Marketing Director, EMW

E-commerce has developed a lot during the three years of the epidemic. However, we still believe the omnichannel will be a key long-term trend, especially for the wine industry: its online and offline channels are not completely separated. So, in the post-epidemic era, it will be an important project for e-commerce to research how to better cooperate with other channels and provide consumers with seamless experiences and services. It is extremely related to our future.


F&B channels took the brunt of the impact of the epidemic in 2020. However, EMW weathered the crisis due to the help of e-commerce, whole team's hard work and flexible reactions.


Tommaso Pierno   North China General Manager, EMW

“During those tough times, as EMW employees, we have done our best to be close to our long time partners, trying to understand and support their needs. We did various styles of promotions with competitive prices with home delivery for our private clients, overcame challenges to organize off-line events, as for example, a big portfolio tasting in early September 2022, doing our best to guarantee the best experience for our clients in respect of all Covid-prevention regulations; we also did live stream and online masterclasses, such as Beaucastel Masterclass in August 2022 in Park Hyatt Hotel, and trainings to keep close relationships with our clients. This level of service has helped us go through difficult times keeping our leader position in the market.”


Apart from that, EMW has also been dedicated to sommelier training. Since the establishment in 2003, EMW has witnessed how the sommelier industry started from scratch and formally became an official job in China. We have a deep understanding that sommeliers' development is of vital importance to the wine industry: we have partnered with Tommy Lam, the founder of Sommmelier Associatom of Smgapore, for over a decade. In 2022, EMW collaborated on SOMM100 project and sponsored the Annual China Sommelier Competition to promote the professionalization of Chinese sommeliers.


Tommy Lam   Founder, SOMM100

Edouard and I both came from another country. He came from the west, and I came from the south; we met in China coincidentally. Edouard and Greg are very supportive of Sommelier in China. They both believe that China will be the most important wine-producing and consumption country in the future world. In addition, since they both came from a traditional wine-producing country, they believe that Sommelier is a profession that could push wine consumption in China, and then help to raise the wine quality. They have anticipation as well as confidence. I have known them for more than a decade. They never stop to give their helping hand to the Sommelier movement while witness the growth of the Chinese Sommelier Profession! Thank you, EMW!


Meanwhile, EMW is a visionary in predicting the market trend, working closely with sustainable wineries. Till the end of 2022, over 50% of our winery partners are certified organic or working in a sustainable and environment-friendly way. These wineries have obtained certifications from 7 official organizations, including Demeter USA, Agriculture Biologique, and Biodyvin.



Since 2011, EMW has been awarded "Best Wine Importer" for 11 consecutive years by WINE100 Challenge.


David Jiang   Founder, WINE100

The core of a wine company is the team and the products, but all-in-all, it is about the team: their keen awareness of trends, strong execution, and devotion to the original goals without distraction. The above-mentioned philosophies were shared in-between EMW and WINE100 during all the years we work together. Happy 20th anniversary!


Beyond 20


To celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary, EMW has prepared a list of fabulous events to be revealed in March:



  1. City Portfolio Tastings


EMW will launch portfolio tastings in 11 cities across the country in 2023, introducing premium fine wines, crafted sakes, and latest new arrivals to more clients and consumers across China.


MARCH - Xi'an; APRIL - Chengdu; JUNE - Hangzhou; AUGUST - Nanjing; SEPTEMBER - Beijing/Chongqing;

OCTOBER - Guangzhou/Shenzhen; NOVEMBER - Hong Kong/Macau/Shanghai



20th Anniversary Special Selection


We carefully select a new unique list coming from many of our historical partners for the anniversary wine selection. lt will include limited editions, special cuvees, and striking back vintages selected from the winery's cellar collection specially released to celebrate this important milestone!



Launch Events


EMW will reveal more premium winery partners this year, and will organize premium launch events for Emiliana Organic Vineyards.



Official Website Upgrade


EMW will present a brand-new official website to display a more refined and sophisticated brand image. Please stay tuned!



"East Meets West" is more than our path of development. It is EMW's philosophy of the western and eastern cultures' harmonious symbiosis. Over the past two decades, we have taken root in the Chinese market and become an awesome "blend". We experienced industrial transitions, growing with all of our peers. With the help of good partners, we eventually succeed in bringing wine culture from the west to China, and communicating the prosperity of China's wine market to the world.


Christine Li   COO, EMW

I have been working in EMW for over eight years. Our team’s vitality, dynamism, and passion always impressed me the most. With the difficulties of those last years, we have experienced both the joy of success and the hardship of the situation, but we never gave up and forged ahead to expand and grow. EMW will reach a new peak in the post-pandemic era. It would be the best tribute to the 20th anniversary.


Olivier Six   CEO, EMW


“I feel enthusiastic! Twenty years is a significant milestone for any company, especially for a wine company in China! We’ve been present since 2003; we have grown steadily throughout the years.


Our goal is not to become the biggest importer in the wine industry but to be an extremely premium importer, distributor, and brand builder in Greater China. Therefore, choosing the right wineries and partners is significantly linked to our success. We grew with our partners. Without them, we would not be here.


Thank you to our clients for choosing us and our wines. We keep innovating, keep introducing more wineries to the market. There will be many surprises this year, so stay tuned for exceptional wines, sakes, and cognac!


Thanks to everyone on our team, without whom EMW would not exist. So many people have been working here for 5-10 years, or even more. They have a unique link with the company. So we form a strong team. That’s the power of EMW.”


In the next two decades, EMW will be more confident in facing a more mature, open and vibrant market, sticking to our original goal of bringing fine wines into China.


Olivier Six   CEO, EMW

“2023 is a transition year, hopefully, the year of recovery for the industry, but for sure, the year of celebration for EMW Fine Wines. Twenty years old is a beautiful age to celebrate. See you all very soon at our numerous events!”



Contact EWM


Charlotte Gu  PR and Communications Marketing Executive, Greater China


Juanita YU    Marketing Director, Greater China

Tel: +86 (21) 6282 4966/8020


Shanghai Office Address: Unit 202, No.664 Xinhua Road, Changning District, Shanghai

EMW丨and Emiliana Organic Vineyards signed an exclusive Import and Distribution Agreement for Mainland of China
EMW丨and Emiliana Organic Vineyards signed an exclusive Import and Distribution Agreement for Mainland of China

East Meets West Fine Wines and Emiliana Organic Vineyards

signed an exclusive Import and Distribution Agreement for Mainland of China


Shanghai, 15 December 2022 – East Meets West Fine Wines (Shanghai) Limited (EMW) and Emiliana, an organic winery in Chile, signed an exclusive import and distribution agreement with its Novas, Coyam and Gê for Mainland of China.



A visionary journey since 1998


At the end of the 1990s, the brothers Rafael and José Guilisasti perceived that the market was about to change: consumers started to consciously choose the products not only for their health but also by considering environmental and social responsibility. On the other hand, traditional viticulture was producing negative effects on workers’ health, because of which a new method was urgently needed. Together with the visionary winemaker Álvaro Espinoza, they began converting a conventional Chilean winery into a 100% organic and biodynamic estate, with the firm objective of creating wines of high quality while respecting the environment and its people.


Nowadays, Emiliana Organic Vineyards, covering nearly 1,300 hectares of land in such famous wine regions as Colchagua, Maipo, and Casablanca Valley, is the largest organic and biodynamic wine producer in the world. It has authorized organic certificates in many countries like Chile, the USA, the UK, Japan and China. In 2018, Emiliana entered the list of “Top 50 Most Admired Wine Brands” according to Drinks International. In 2021, Emiliana has sold one million 9-liter organic cases to more than 50 countries and regions around the world.


Rafael Guilisasti and José Guilisasti

Emiliana vineyards


Recognition by the world


In 2003, Emiliana launched its first organic wine: Coyam, an elegant and complex red blend from the Los Robles Estate in the Colchagua Valley. Coyam 2001 (its first vintage) received the Best in Show and Best Blend in the 1st Annual Wines of Chile Awards. Its last-two released vintages have been scored 94 points by the recognized wine critic James Suckling.  


Emiliana Coyam


In 2005, the Novas Gran Reserva line, a faithful representation of Chile’s prestigious wine valleys, was created. They were recently awarded over 91 points on most of its varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier from Casablanca Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon from Maipo, and Riesling from Bío Bío.


Emiliana Novas


Later, Emiliana launched its first biodynamic wine Gê, the icon wine from the Los Robles estate. In 2006, its 2003 vintage was the first wine in Chile and Latin America that obtained biodynamic certification from Demeter Germany. In 2021, Gê is awarded No.1 of James Suckling’s Top 100 Wines of Chile. The influential wine critic gave a high score of 98 points to Gê 2017 and 2018 vintages.


"A complex nose of blackberry, plum, mocha, cigar box, graphite and spice. It’s full-bodied with fine tannins. Creamy-textured and structured with a juicy core. Pure with a velvety texture on the palate, which is layered and balanced and leads to a flavorful finish that lasts over and over. Spicy on the finish with cloves and black pepper. Grilled meat, too." --- James Suckling


Emiliana Gê



Olivier Six, CEO, EMW Fine Wines


“I am thrilled that EMW Fine Wines has established a cooperation with such a visionary winery. Emiliana is doing a fantastic job in organic and biodynamic viticulture. It is one of the most exciting pieces of news of the end of the year I would like to share with EMW friends and partners at the particular time when our 20th anniversary is around the corner. Emiliana Organic Vineyards and EMW believe that choosing organic wine is beyond a healthy lifestyle. It is more about sustainability and the environment. We wish to continue bringing great wines to Chinese consumers in the following decade and more.”



Cristian Rodriguez, CEO, Emiliana Organic Vineyards


“We are very proud to start our journey with EMW, one of the leading importers and distributors in China, a great builder of premium brands, and a company with a tremendous team of people and experience. For us, China will be a priority market to work in the coming years, as we believe that consumers will value organic products made with respect for nature and extreme care for quality more and more. Our goal is for every Chinese consumer to know our products and for us to position Emiliana as an important organic winery in China’s market through our premium wines. We will do our best to build a great alliance with EMW.”


Wine Portfolio


Emiliana Novas Cabernet Sauvignon


Emiliana Novas Pinot Noir


Emiliana Novas Chardonnay


Emiliana Novas Riesling


Emiliana Novas Sauvignon Blanc


Emiliana Novas Viognier


Emiliana Coyam


Emiliana Gê


EMW Fine Wines


EMW is a leading importer, distributor, and brand builder in the Greater China market, working closely with more than 100 family-owned and premium wine estates, sake breweries, and craft spirit producers from 16 countries worldwide. EMW has an unequaled distribution network to top restaurants, hotels, wine shops, online VIP customers, and an exclusive network of distribution covering over 160 cities in China. EMW has been awarded "Best Wine Importer" for 11 consecutive years since 2011 by China Sommeliers Wine Challenge and WINE100 Challenge.


Contacts EMW


Zoe ZHANG   Brand Executive, Greater China



Juanita YU    Marketing Director, Greater China

Tel: +86 (21) 6282 4966/8020


Shanghai Office Address: Unit 202, No.664 Xinhua Road, Changning District, Shanghai

EMW丨and Xige team up to usher in a new era of Chinese fine wines
EMW丨and Xige team up to usher in a new era of Chinese fine wines

EMW丨and Xige team up to usher in a new era of Chinese fine wines


September 20, 2022 witnessed the signing ceremony for the establishment of a strategic partnership between Xige Estate and East Meets West Fine Wines (EMW), in The Middle House, Shanghai. Zhang Yanzhi, owner of Xige, and Olivier Six, CEO of EMW, signed the agreement and announced that EMW has become the exclusive on-trade distributor of Xige in Mainland of China. Both parties will work closely to bring the premium wines of Xige, a winery based in Helan Mountain, Ningxia, to more Chinese consumers.


Zhang Yanzhi, owner of Xige, and Olivier Six, CEO of EMW, signed the strategic partnership agreement


The cooperation between Xige and EMW started earlier at the beginning this year, but the signing ceremony has been postponed till September because of the epidemic. In the past several months, EMW has leveraged its strengths in the on-trade channels to provide professional market expansion services for Xige and help the estate bring products that are characteristic of the Ningxia terroir to more consumers and reach out to more diversified consumption scenes. 



At the signing ceremony, Zhang Yanzhi shared the story of him and the estate. From Bordeaux to Ningxia, Zhang has drawn on his extensive experience in winemaking to craft premium wines in China. In 2017, he founded Xige Estate in the Pigeon Hills, a small wine-growing area in Ningxia, and set out "Making a good wine to express Ningxia terroir", which is at the core of the winemaking process of Xige. Through an ingenious combination of the splendid terroir with modern management approaches and a winemaking process that shows true respect for nature, Zhang strives to establish Xige as a prestigious Chinese fine wine brand.  



Zhang spoke highly of EMW, the new partner of his winery, "Xige has heard a lot about EMW and is much impressed by its successful track record and long-term plans for the Chinese wine market." Zhang hoped that EMW would help Xige reach out to more consumer groups that are mature in wine consumption and are particular about the quality of wine so that they will learn more about Chinese fine wines and get to love Chinese fine wines. 


Zhang Yanzhi, owner of Xige Estate


According to Olivier, the close relationship between EMW and Chinese wines began long before EMW's partnership with Xige. Since EMW's inception, Edouard and Greg have been interested in Chinese fine wines and in pursuit of partners in Ningxia, Xinjiang and Shandong for over a decade. It is a pleasure for EMW to establish a strategic partnership with Xige, which has very stringent requirements for quality just as EMW does. In future cooperation, EMW will continue to provide professional service in developing new collaborations with numerous on-trade partners, from 5-star hotels, Michelin restaurants, cafes and bistro clients. EMW looks forward to teaming up with Xige to usher in a new era of Chinese fine wines.  



For more than a decade, EMW has witnessed the devolvement of Chinese fine wines and has always remained confident in this market. In the future, EMW will continue to introduce premium wine brands to wine consumers in China. 


Olivier Six, CEO of EMW


Afterward, Xige global brand ambassador Christelle Chêne invited guests to taste Xige Jade Dove series and N series, and the fine wines the owner specially prepared for the event: Xige Cabernet Gernischt "Cuvée X", and Xige Estate red wines.


Christelle Chêne, Global Brand Ambassador of Xige


Xige Cabernet Gernischt "Cuvée X"


Xige Estate red wines


In the coming years, EMW will keep providing a powerful product assortment and robust marketing promotion program to help Xige's brand awareness in a competitive market. We both believe there will be more sparkling moments in the future to work together to enhance the Chinese wine market.

EMW丨2022 WINE100 Challenge Awarded Wine List Revealed
EMW丨2022 WINE100 Challenge Awarded Wine List Revealed

EMW丨2022 WINE100 Challenge Awarded Wine List Revealed


The 2022 WINE100 Challenge Award Ceremony was held in China World Hotel, Beijing.


Vintec General Manager Li Changpeng (R) presents a Trophy to EMW Sales Manager Peter Niu


After the three-day selection by 12 professional judges, WINE100 once again presents a list of high-quality fine wines to Chinese wine lovers. East Meets West Fine Wines (EMW) participated with 28 wines and was awarded 2 Trophies, 2 Golds, 4 Silvers, 14 Bronzes and 4 Recommended Awards. In 2022, EMW still keeps active in the market, making an outstanding performance with premium wines and excellent customer service.


WINE100 Founder David Jiang (R) presents a Trophy to EMW Sales Manager Peter Niu



- Trophy & Gold -




Ferrari, "Perlé Nero Riserva", Trento DOC

法拉利黑伯乐起泡葡萄酒 2010


Wine Advocate 95 points

Wine Enthusiast 95 points


Variety 品种

100% Pinot Nero / 100% 黑皮诺

Region 产地

Trento/Italy 意大利/特兰托


The legend of Ferrari began with a man, Giulio Ferrari, and his dream of creating a sparkling wine in Trentino, capable of competing with the French Champagnes. As he had no children, Giulio Ferrari began looking for a successor to whom he could entrust his dream. Among many candidates he chose Bruno Lunelli, owner of a wine shop in Trento. Bruno Lunelli succeeded in increasing production without ever compromising on quality. Ferrari became the well-known sparkling wine producer in Italy and the popular celebratory wine par excellence.




Luis Cañas, Reserva, Rioja DOCa

路易卡纳斯珍藏红葡萄酒 2014


Guía Peñín 91 points


Variety 品种

95% Tempranillo, 5% Graciano

95%添普兰尼洛,5% 格拉西亚诺

Region 产地

Rioja/Spain 西班牙/里奥哈


Bodegas Luis Cañas has been a family-owned winery for the last two centuries, devoting itself to viticulture and winemaking. 1989 marked a turning point in the winery's evolution, with Juan Luis Cañas taking over the direction of the operations from his father Luis Cañas. Under his leadership, Luis Cañas has become an awarded winery of Rioja and a reference point for the wines of the region. His fresh ideas and visions turned Luis Cañas into a premium wine, known for consistently producing outstanding quality.


- Silver -



Edouard Duval, Noir d'Eulalie Extra Brut

爱德华蜜语园黑中白香槟起泡葡萄酒 NV


Decanter 90 points


Variety 品种

Pinot Noir / 黑皮诺

Region 产地

Champagne/France 法国/香槟区



Dr. Wehrheim, Spatburgunder, Pfalz, Gutswein VDP

威海姆酒庄黑比诺红葡萄酒 2019


Variety 品种

100% Pinot Nero / 100% 黑皮诺

Region 产地

Pfalz/Germany 德国/法尔兹



Pelissero, Nebbiolo, Langhe DOC

潘丽赛罗朗格尼比奥罗红葡萄酒 2017


Variety 品种

100% Nebbiolo / 100% 内比奥罗

Region 产地

Piedmont/Italy 意大利/皮尔蒙特



Craggy Range, "Te Kahu", Gimblett Gravels, Hawke's Bay

克拉吉酒庄吉布利天幕红葡萄酒 2018


Wine Spectator 92 points


Variety 品种

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon,

Malbec, Cabernet Franc


Region 产地

Hawke's Bay/New Zealand 新西兰/霍克湾


- Bronze -


Susana Balbo Crios Malbec

苏珊娜巴博西乐马贝克红葡萄酒 2020

Variety 品种

95% Malbec, 5% Bonarda

95% 马贝克,5% 伯纳德

Region 产地

Mendoza/Argentina 阿根廷/门多萨


Long Country, Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Valley DO

远村赤霞珠红葡萄酒 2020

Variety 品种

100% Cabernet Sauvignon / 100% 赤霞珠

Region 产地

D.O. Valle Central/Chile 智利/中央山谷


Viña Casablanca, "Nimbus" Merlot, Casablanca Valley DO

卡萨布兰卡酒庄尼博山庄梅乐红葡萄酒 2019

Variety 品种

100% Merlot / 100% 梅洛

Region 产地

Casablanca Valley/Chile 智利/卡萨布兰卡山谷


La Grange Tiphaine, "Trinqu' Âmes", Touraine AOP

蒂凡庄园灵魂白葡萄酒 2019

Variety 品种

Sauvignon Blanc / 长相思

Region 产地

Loire Valley/France 法国/卢瓦河谷


Pierre Chainier, Clos de Nouys Moelleux, Vouvray AOP

谢尼酒庄诺伊庄园甜白葡萄酒 2015

Variety 品种

100% Chenin Blanc / 100% 白诗南

Region 产地

Loire Valley/France 法国/卢瓦河谷


Chateau Perron Graves AOP

柏龙酒庄红葡萄酒 2015

Variety 品种

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc


Region 产地

Graves/Bordeaux/France 法国/波尔多/格拉夫


Domaine de l'oubliée, "Merci La Vie", Bourgueil AOP

诗忆园感谢生活红葡萄酒 2020

Variety 品种

Cabernet Franc / 品丽珠

Region 产地

Loire Valley/France 法国/卢瓦河谷


Chateau Franc le Maine, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru AOP

拉曼古堡红葡萄酒 2015

Variety 品种

61% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Franc,

4% Cabernet Sauvignon

61% 美乐,35% 品丽珠,4% 赤霞珠

Region 产地




Mount Rozier Petit Rozier Cape White South Africa

梦若奇酒庄小梦若奇白葡萄酒 2021

Variety 品种

70% Chenin Blanc, 30% Colombard

 70% 白诗南,30% 鸽笼白

Region 产地

Western Cape/South Africa 南非/西开普省


Mount Rozier Cape White South Africa

梦若奇酒庄开普敦白葡萄酒 2021

Variety 品种

Chenin Blanc, Colombard / 白诗南,鸽笼白

Region 产地

Western Cape/South Africa 南非/西开普省


Mount Rozier Petit Rozier Cape Red South Africa

梦若奇酒庄小梦若奇红葡萄酒 2020

Variety 品种

70% Pinotage, 20% Shiraz, 10% Mourvedre

70% 皮诺塔吉,20% 西拉,10% 穆尔韦德

Region 产地

Western Cape/South Africa 南非/西开普省


Mount Rozier Cape Red South Africa

梦若奇酒庄开普敦红葡萄酒 2020

Variety 品种

Pinotage, Shiraz, Mourvedre


Region 产地

Western Cape/South Africa 南非/西开普省


Luis Cañas, Crianza, Rioja DOCa

路易卡纳斯陈酿红葡萄酒 2017

Variety 品种

95% Tempranillo, 5% Garnacha

95%添普兰尼洛,5% 歌海娜

Region 产地

Rioja/Spain 西班牙/里奥哈


Bodega Garzon, Reserve Marselan, Maldonado

嘉颂马瑟兰珍藏红葡萄酒 2019

Variety 品种

Marselan / 马瑟兰

Region 产地

Maldonado/Uruguay 乌拉圭/马尔多纳多