Wine & Sake Education

EMW has been providing high quality wine education and training sessions for wine professionals and wine lovers since 2003, and also cooperate with SSA as the exclusive course partner in many cities in Mainland China. The Sake Sommelier Association (SSA) is the oldest non-Japanese body to provide formal sake education. 

About SSA 

The Sake Sommelier Academy (SSA) has been the world's leading sake education provider since 2000, with innovative courses expertly tailored to suit students from all backgrounds and cultures, training them to become Sake Sommeliers.

One of the key pillars of the Sake Sommelier Association (alongside their sommelier competitions and brewery events), the Sake Sommelier Academy operates with a network of partner schools & educators to provide industry leading sake courses across 6 continents, more than 30 countries.


Course System

The SSA's courses range from the basics, with the Introductory Sake Professional, all the way to the world's highest sake qualification: the Master Sake Sommelier.


About the course

The History & Culture of Sake, Sake Tasting, Sake Production, Sake Style and Difference, How to Identify Sake Quality, How to Introduce Sake to Clients & Customers, Umami, Pairing...

Upon passing the examination, students receive their lapel pin and certificate, and can proudly use the post-nominals "CSS". The Certified Sake Sommelier is accessible to both trained professionals and sake connoisseurs. The course focuses not only on providing an unbeatable level of sake education, but also on how to practically make use of that education – whether working directly with clients in restaurants, with product lines in distribution, or with friends over dinner!


EMW Education Team

Knight Hu


Knight Hu,

Japan SSI Certified Sake Kikisakeshi

Japan SSI Certified Sake Shochukikisakeshi

Japan Sake Quality Identifier

Japan Shochu Quality Identifier

Sake Sommelier Association Educator

First China Sake Sommelier Competition Judge


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